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Asif Ali

Chief Investment Officer

Fountainhead is Asif’s dream. He has over twenty years of professional investing experience. Asif has successfully managed large investment portfolios with prominent Investment Managers, Hedge Funds and Global Banks.

Asif’s vision for the Fountainhead Partnerships Fund is to create a sustainable investment strategy, focused on high quality companies that can sustainably generate above average profits over a long period of time, without sticking to any style bias. He believes in three investing principles for success: develop a circle of competence, expand it indefinitely and keep things simple.

His business-owner approach to investing is inspired by Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger and Phillip Fisher. He reflects a quality-value focus in deriving the Fund’s investment framework, while keeping his independent views on security selection and risk management.

Asif moved to Singapore in 2014 where he worked with a family office hedge fund before starting a successful advisory practice. Against all odds, Asif turned his dream of starting an investment firm into a reality. He met Paul at the very beginning and they both found great convergence in their ideas. Asif and Paul developed a Thematic Equity Hedge Fund strategy, which was focused on long term trends and produced outstanding results that consistently beat the S&P 500 index by a healthy margin.

Asif is a passionate sports fan with particular interest in cricket and tennis. He likes to spend time on reading almost everything, from 10Ks to research on theoretical physics, to develop mental models. Asif holds an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Pakistan.

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Paul Sherriff, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Paul has over twenty years of experience as an investment manager and has worked with global bulge bracket firms Morgan Stanley, Macquarie Bank and Goldman Sachs in Australia. He has managed global equity portfolios for a broad range of clients focused on absolute returns. He has a deep experience in trading derivatives garnered from investing across multiple cycles.

Paul's career began in the midst of the Tech Bubble of 1999/2000 and he managed a significant derivatives portfolio throughout the 2008 financial crisis. This experience has ingrained a focus on risk management and patience to avoid fads and manias in allocating capital, in addition to constructing hedging strategies when appropriate

Paul brings a conservative and contrarian approach to the team. His unique perspective on human judgement and orthodox value investing approach is a quintessential complement to the Fountainhead investment strategy.

Paul holds BA Degree in Economics from Queensland University of Technology, Australia and is a CFA Charter holder. Based with his family in Singapore, Paul focuses his spare time on trying to improve his golf handicap.

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